August 22-25, 2019

Lift & Performance Seminar

Alyenendrov Tsorokean and Maria Wheeler

3 times US Open Cabaret Champions, 3 times USA Grand National Cabaret Champions, and 3 times International HSC Professional Cabaret Champions, Maria Wheeler and Alyenendrov Tsorokean are offering a special Lift and Performance Seminar to Swingin' Dance Party 2019.

This three-day seminar is designed for all dancers of all ages & levels (amateur, professional & pro-am). Maria and Alyen will break down the fundamentals and make creative, dynamic lift work accessible and safe for dancers in all categories. The information they cover applies to theater arts, rising star, cabaret, open championships, formations & all showcase types.

Seminar is limited to 20 couples. Please plan on attending the entire weekend. You must sign up as a couple.

1 hr: - Intro and Foundational Principles of Lifts (open to anyone)

(1.5 hr) Lifts 101 - Rotational Lifts, Below the Waist and Below the Shoulder Lifts, Simple Above-Shoulder Lifts
(1.5 hr) Lifts 202 - Below the Shoulder Lifts continued, Above-Shoulder Lifts, Intro to One-Handed Lifts
(1.5 hr) Lifts 303 - Int/Adv. Above-Shoulder Lifts, One-Handed Lifts continued

1 hr – Performance 101 - Capturing, Engaging, and Mesmerizing Your Audience.

Class is limited to 20 couples. Cost is $400 per couple. A Swingin' Dance Party weekend pass is required to participate.
Please RSVP to the Facebook event to find partners, get up-to-date information, and let your friends know where you are dancing.  Contact Sophy Kdep at 859-816-5626​ with any questions.

Click HERE to register.