* Cost is $10 to enter

* Open to all levels
* Leaders must be male, followers must be female.
* No lifts
* Competitors must be at least 16 years of age. 
* Winners (1st place) at a qualifying event can not participate in any other qualifiers until after the finals
* Scoring will be based on solid swing content and technique.  Musicality and showmanship will be used as tie-breakers at each judges discretion

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​This division is offered for all styles of Swing: West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Shag and Hand Dance or any other style of popular swing dance. Students enter with their teacher and perform a choreographed routine to music they choose. Couples dance in a solo format. Both the teacher and amateur's performance is considered by the judges. Dance order will be chosen at random and posted prior to the division start time. Music provided by the competitors must be a single track on a clearly labeled CD or emailed in advanced to Head DJ, Tim Johnson at DJTJ@DanceFanatics.com. 24 hours prior to competition.  Music must be  at least 2 minutes long and no longer than 3½ minutes. Limited to the first 20 entries received. 

1. Costumes are encouraged, but not required 
2. Lifts, drops, tricks and stunts are allowed but not required. 
3. Choreographed entrances will count towards time limits. 
4. No props are allowed. 
5. Routines must include at least 75% recognizable of style of the performance. 

6. Cost to enter is $25.



​1. Recognizable Swing content, as described in the “Statement of Swing” under Competition Rules, must be present in at least 60% of the performance. 
2. "In the air" moves (partner weight supported), such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves, are allowed, but not required. 
3. "On the ground" supported moves, such as drops, slides, and spreads, are allowed but not required. 
4. Routines must be a minimum of 2 minutes but no more than 3 minutes in length. 
5. Competitors select their own music. 
6. Costumes are required. 
7. Minimum number of entries is 5 couples.

8. Cost to enter is $35.

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Swingin' Dance Party Statement of Swing: “Swing is an American Rhythm Dance that is identified primarily by 6-beat and 8-beat patterns that incorporate a wide variety of rhythms. 6-beat patterns include, but are not limited to, passes, underarm turns, push-breaks, and open-to-closed/closed-to-open position patterns. 8-beat patterns include, but are not limited to, whips, swing-outs, Lindy circles, and Shag pivots. Although they are not part of the foundation of the dance as stated above, 2-beat and 4-beat rhythm breaks may be incorporated to phrase the music, to extend a pattern, and/or to accent breaks." This statement will be used only to identify the presence of Swing content in a performance. It is not intended to be a full definition of Swing, or to be used to evaluate the quality of the performance. Each Judge will evaluate the presence of Swing content, which will be one of the criteria that determines a final score.

August 22-25, 2019


Swing 16 Tournament

Pro-Am Routines

Rising Star Tour

1. All competitors must hold a weekend pass to Swingin' Dance Party.
2. All competitors must check-in prior to competition and have the Bib Number assigned to them at the time of registration. 
3. All competitors must sign a waiver and are responsible for reading these guidelines.   Contestants under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian sign a waiver.
4. All contests must have a minimum of five (5) couples to be a valid contest.